MERRILL Recognizes K&W and PF Markey as Top 2021 Suppliers of the Year!

MERRILL celebrated its top 2021 suppliers, K&W Tool and Machine and PF Markey, at its annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony held last week at each supplier’s facility.

The Supplier of the Year award recognizes distinguished suppliers that exceed MERRILL’s requirements and help the company accomplish our vision of delivering outstanding customer success and making the impossible, possible!

These suppliers are recognized for best-in-class performance for achieving on-time delivery, price and cost savings, communication and collaboration success, and meeting stringent quality requirements.

“PF Markey deployed powerful data insights that allowed precise inventory management, inventory optimization, cost savings, and overall waste reduction. They are excellent at anticipating our needs and have been incredibly responsive on those rare occasions when we’ve needed something extra,” stated Darren Judd, MERRILL’s Director of Supply Chain.

Judd also added, “K&W provided MERRILL with strategic outsourcing, that allowed us to extend our business volume beyond our installed capacity. They have accommodated our evolving needs and sometimes challenging requirements and have worked tirelessly with MERRILL to successfully achieve project results.”

Both companies are valuable assets to the MERRILL team. It is suppliers like these that allow us to meet customer expectations. Thank you, K&W Tool & Machine and PF Markey, your hard work and dedication is second to none and we look forward to growing with you in the years to come.

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