When a military partner needed to create an immediate infrastructure to perform maintenance efficiently and safely on warfighter vehicles, MERRILL proudly offered an innovative solution, MERRILL’s Mobile Lift System (MLS). The customer recognized warfighters don’t have time to sit and wait for repairs or to be scheduled for maintenance during critical times of need. A system to stage, set up and perform efficient, safe, and timely repairs or maintenance of vehicles did not always exist in this challenging and changing environment. The customer needed an efficient, portable, and safe Lift System to pull vehicles in for repair and maintenance without being out in the elements. MERRILL’s Mobile Lift System answered the call.

The MERRILL Mobile Lift System is a durable, military-grade crane system that operates from the ground. It assists by making lifting safer, faster, and more accurate while lowering the risk of damage or collision, wherever and whenever it’s needed. The electromechanical compact crane structure allows lifting and positioning up to 6.3 tons making maintenance of vehicles easy and efficient.

In April, MERRILL team members flew to the customer’s location to train key personnel to unpack, assemble, operate, troubleshoot, disassemble and re-pack the entire system into its original shipping state. This easily transportable system comes in one of two ISO shipping containers that serve as the base for the functioning system. Team members put the containers on the ground, assembled the support steel structure on top, and secured it. They then added the crane, plugged it into power and had a full-blown mobile maintenance workshop a few hours after arriving on site.

To learn more about how the MERRILL Mobile Lift Station can help you, visit us at MERRILLTG.com/MLS or read the full story provided by the Army.