MERRILL Recognizes Airgas and Scot Forge as Top Suppliers of the Year

MERRILL is proud to announce that Airgas and Scot Forge are our Top 2022 Suppliers of the Year. The Supplier of the Year award is given to suppliers that have exceeded MERRILL’s expectations and aided in MERRILL’s mission to make even the impossible, possible!

Airgas and Scot Forge provided exceptional delivery time, cost efficiency, and communication. Collectively, they played a crucial role in making 2022 a successful year for MERRILL. Airgas and Scot Forge allowed MERRILL to provide our customers with remarkable success.

Darren Judd, MERRILL’s Director of Supply Chain, stated, “Airgas helped MERRILL navigate seamlessly through an era of supply disruptions, inflation, and uncertainty in 2022. With their strong support, we were able to continue to delight our customers with the trusted quality, price, and delivery they have come to expect from MERRILL. Airgas engages MERRILL in a participatory manner, maintaining a frequent onsite presence at our facilities and ensuring the needs of our welders, crib attendants, buyers, and engineers alike remain met.”

Judd also added, “Scot Forge and MERRILL worked effectively together on several challenging projects in 2022; things were not always smooth sailing, and we found ourselves pushing the envelope on what raw materials can do in some instances. Like any strong partnership, there was a basis of transparency as well as give and take. This has helped strengthen a foundation of trust and collaboration that sees us working on even larger and more complicated projects together in 2023 and beyond.”

Thank you, Airgas and Scot Forge, for going above and beyond to ensure MERRILL’s success. Your diligence and dedication are appreciated and have not gone unnoticed. We look forward to many more successful years to come.

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