MERRILL, Midland High School, and Three Rivers Corporation Collaborate for Hands-On Learning Experience

MERRILL’s skilled welders, Midland High School, and Three Rivers Corporation joined forces to provide invaluable hands-on learning experiences for Midland High School’s welding students. This initiative aimed to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application, allowing students to work alongside professionals.

Throughout the collaborative project, students had the chance to hone their welding skills while gaining invaluable insights from industry experts. The partnership facilitated meaningful interactions, sparking engaging conversations and igniting a passion for welding among the next generation of welders.

In its commitment to supporting educational initiatives, MERRILL generously donated the materials necessary for crafting the bins. These materials ensured safe storage within the shop and left a lasting impact on the students beyond the workshop.

To read more about this collaborative effort, visit SEEN: Professional welders and students work together (

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