Love to work with your hands? Are you a great team player? Join our world-class manufacturing team at MERRILL. As a CNC Machinist, you are responsible for checking out programming and running a job from start to finish on a CNC machine to meet all production delivery and quality requirements.
  • Full-Time

  • Hourly Pay Range: $17.55-$28.00

  • Day and Night Shifts Available

  • 16% Night Shift Premium

  • Signing Bonus up to $5,000

  • Internal CNC Training Program


With the right people, and the right technology, anything is possible.


  • Perform advanced setup operations
  • Adjust and check out programming
  • Perform complex series of progressive machining operations on a diverse line of work
  • Check parts for specifications conformance
  • Run more than one unit simultaneously


  • High school diploma
  • Associate’s degree in related field
  • Supervisory training experience
  • Two to five years of experience in related position in machine tool industry
  • Job shop or prototype experience
  • Diverse industry base experience, such as: Mining, Aviation, Defense, Rail, Shipbuilding, Heavy Equipment, Gas & Oil, and Machine Building
  • Experience in machining large and complex work
  • Ability to work from blueprints, sketches and written specifications
  • Knowledge of GD&T


Anything is Possible!

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“The most challenging part of being a machinist is the complexity of the jobs we do here. It’s always keeping you on your toes, but at the end of the day, you have a product you can look at, something that you made. And you’re proud of what you did. It’s a very fulfilling job.”

View Benny's Testimonial

Benny Miller

    Thomas F

    "Every day is different. Every week’s different. It’s very rarely the same thing over and over."

    View Thomas' Testimonial

    Thomas France

      Joe R

      "When you take a solid block of steel anything, any type of material and turn it into a part that goes on an airplane, any type of military equipment – it’s awesome knowing that you’re making that type of stuff here."

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      Joe Rudd

        Kyle T

        "I’ve worked with a lot of people for ten years and they become more like friends than they do coworkers, so that’s pretty rewarding to come to a place to work like that."

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        Kyle Tack

          Brandt B

          "The most challenging part in this industry because it is Aerospace/Defense is probably the tolerancing and the materials ... new age materials --- research and development on your own to create methods to grind the parts efficiently and bring them into print."

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          Brandt Blair
          Machinist/Precision Grinder

            Jason Y

            "Being a machinist is a unique trade and profession because not very often do you get to work on the big things we get to work on at MERRILL. I would recommend that you pursue your career in machining if you're good with numbers, you like to work with your hands and like to work with metal ... MERRILL's where to be for sure."

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            Jason Yovich

              Seth S

              "MERRILL has complex customers, complex parts that require complex solutions. Finding those problems, addressing them and figuring them out is the most rewarding yet challenging part of my job. What I enjoy at MERRILL day to day is the people - I know that sounds, cliché, but it's absolutely true."

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              Seth Samuel

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                Our work has earned us much recognition over the years.

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