Consumers Energy Acknowledges MERRILL’s Business Efficiency Initiative

January 17, 2020 – Consumers Energy acknowledged MERRILL’s commitment to energy efficiency and air quality with an incentive check.

April 2019, MERRILL committed to completing a Business Efficiency initiative in an effort to reduce utility costs and improve air quality and comfort at its Republic location. A building management system was designed and installed to add smart controls on all HVAC units, limiting power to the units, saving electricity and reducing the need for heat during non-peak hours. In addition, air quality sensors have been installed to queue the exhaust systems to ramp up when air quality is unsatisfactory, and to idle when air quality is acceptable.

The building management project, from design to completion took six months to implement. The estimated annual cost savings for MERRILL is over $100,000 annually with less than a six month return on the investment.

This large task has now placed MERRILL in the running to receive Consumers Energy Business Efficiency Program’s (EFP) Project of the Year. Consumers representatives who assisted with the project nominated MERRILL for the EFP. MERRILL is one of approximately 100 companies eligible to receive the grand prize of $15,000.

Thank you to Consumers Energy for recognizing our commitment to efficiency and air quality. MERRILL looks forward to the cost savings and providing a cleaner, safer and more comfortable environment for our team.