High Speed Rail Production

MERRILL completed full volume production of 56 car body shells for a global leader in the high-speed rail industry.

MERRILL Adds 5-Axis High Speed Machining Equipment

MERRILL adds robust machining capabilities with the addition on the DinoMax and Raptocut.

Advanced Welding Capabilities

Expanding welding capabilities, MERRILL adds the Sciaky Electron Beam welding system that provides high precision, deep penetration and clean welds with low distortion.

MERRILL Expands Painting Capabilities

Painting capabilities expand with two blast booths and two paint booths. These large 90-foot paint booths accommodate large structures and allow for advanced coating applications.


One MERRILL – MERRILL customers deserve a level of service and transactional efficiency that matches the quality of our products and people. This truth led us to unify not only our operational processes, but also our unique business brands, ERP system and financial reporting. The result, a seamless customer experience

50 Years!

MERRILL celebrates 50 years of making things possible!

MERRILL launches P3 2020

MERRILL launches P3 2020, a five-year strategic plan focusing on production, products and performance.

Ranger Enterprises

Ranger Enterprises integrated into MERRILL Aviation & Defense. Ranger becomes the Indiana location of MERRILL Aviation & Defense.

MERRILL implements IFS

As leaders in the machining, fabricating and systems integration fields, MERRILL implements IFS as its new powerful ERP system to tackle its rapidly expanding business and strategic growth initiatives.

MERRILL Tool & Machine grows

MERRILL Tool & Machine grows: With a 20,000 square foot addition designed to incorporate a new Mazak Versatech machine, the facility now boasts 120,000 square feet of floor space.


MERRILL Aviation & Defense recertified to AS9100c.

MERRILL acquires Ranger Enterprises

MERRILL acquires Ranger Enterprises. MERRILL purchases Ranger Enterprises, a sheet metal fabricator in Springville, Indiana that supports the defense industry.

MERRILL Tool & Machine

MERRILL Tool & Machine, MERRILL Fabricators and MERRILL Engineering & Integration are recertified to ISO 9001:2008

NADCAP Certified

MERRILL Aviation & Defense is NADCAP certified.

A Merger

A merger. MERRILL Aviation and MERRILL Defense merge, with the new MERRILL Aviation & Defense division now located in a larger 45,000 square foot facility in Saginaw.

MERRILL Engineering & Integration relocates

MERRILL Engineering & Integration relocates its engineering group next door to its manufacturing facility.

MERRILL Aviation introduces NDT Services

MERRILL Aviation introduces non-destructive testing (NDT) services. The company expands to include NDT capabilities

MERRILL Aviation moves

MERRILL Aviation moves. The aviation division relocates to an 18,000 square foot facility in Merrill, Michigan.

MERRILL Defense is established

MERRILL Defense is established. To serve the defense industry, MERRILL Defense is founded as a division of MERRILL Technologies Group, located in the MERRILL Tool & Machine facility.


MERRILL Aviation becomes certified to AS9011 standards.

MERRILL Fabricators moves to Alma

MERRILL Fabricators moves to Alma. With business continuing to grow and the need to handle large-scale projects increasing, MERRILL Fabricators relocates to a 400,000 square foot facility with large part lifting capabilities in Alma.

MERRILL Technologies establishes Aviation Division

MERRILL Technologies establishes their Aviation Division to serve the aerospace industry, and MERRILL Tool & Machine once again expands their floor space, this time by 10,000 feet.

MERRILL Tool & Machine gets even bigger

MERRILL Tool & Machine gets even bigger. This time, they add 20,117 square feet to house equipment.

MERRILL Fabricators starts on new crane building

MERRILL Fabricators starts on new crane building. Construction begins on a 20,000 square foot crane building in Saginaw.

ISO Certification

MERRILL Technologies Group earns ISO 9001:2000 certification

Defying the odds

Defying the odds. One year into a single-state recession, MERRILL Tool & Machine keeps growing and adds an additional 11,342 square feet of floor space.

Still growing

By the following year, MERRILL Tool & Machine needs even more space. They add 12,000 square feet to their new building.

New home for MERRILL Tool & Machine

New home for MERRILL Tool & Machine. With its customer base growing rapidly, MERRILL Tool & Machine needed more space. In 1997, they broke ground on a new 30,000 square foot facility that would also include office, engineering and inspection space.

MERRILL Tool Holding Company is established

MERRILL Tool Holding Company established in 1997, with MERRILL Tool & Machine, Merritech and MERRILL Fabricators reorganized as separate subsidiary companies.

Merritech moves to Saginaw

Merritech moves to Saginaw. After a dozen years in business and extensive growth, Merritech follows MERRILL Fabricators to Saginaw, moving into its own 50,000 square foot facility.

MERRILL Fabricators moves to Saginaw

MERRILL Fabricators moves to Saginaw. With the business growing and the workforce nearly doubling, MERRILL Fabricators relocates to a 30,000 square foot facility in Saginaw.

Introducing Merritech division

Initially offering engineering design and special machine construction for the automotive industry, Merritech was created in 1982 to serve a more diverse customer base.

Fabricators Division Founded

The business expands to include MERRILL Fabricators, which grows the company’s machining capabilities by offering specialized fabrications.

MERRILL Tool & Machine is born

Gary and Mary Kay Yackel begin business with a Bridgeport mill, a small lathe and a grinder. Setting up shop in a 3,000 square foot facility, they decide to name their new venture after the town where it’s located: Merrill, Michigan.


MERRILL makes anything possible. From concept to completion and beyond, our top-to-bottom capabilities mean that we can design, build, test and deliver nearly every operation imaginable. We are committed to delivering trusted quality at a fair price with as little lead time as possible.




We won't give you the easy solution - we'll give you the right one.


Transforming pieces of metal into peace of mind.


Assembling. Finishing. Testing. We do it all.


We won't give you the easy solution - we'll give you the right one.



Transforming pieces of metal into peace of mind.



Assembling. Finishing. Testing. We do it all.