Where Strength Meets Dependability

Built for Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

Where Strength Meets Dependability

Built for Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

MERRILL, for over 50 years, has provided heavy fabrication and precision machined components critical to your operation. By maintaining tight tolerances, meeting quality requirements, and providing reliable deliveries, we ensure your operation keeps moving and producing. Every decision you make, from project engineering to the production manufacturing partners, may ultimately decide the success and failure of your equipment. From machining to fabrication and assembly to delivery, we understand the stakes.

Thank you for giving us a hand with this press and for your sense of urgency to get us back up and going. Again, thank you for your continued support over the years and commitment to your customers."
Gerry, Caterpillar


    There is nothing small about the world of heavy equipment manufacturing. From the large components to the even larger fabrications, the final product must be tough, durable, and ready for seriously hard work. These massive machines and vehicles keep the economy in motion and our infrastructure strong, and they demand a serious production partner. At MERRILL, we understand the stakes for companies and their work crews as even a single point of failure can put a project a month off schedule, or worse. That’s why we do whatever it takes to ensure your super-sized heavy equipment components and fabrications will meet or exceed the performance requirements in the field.

    Tell us about your projects of enormous proportions and put MERRILL’s expertise to the test.

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    Since opening our doors over 50 years ago, MERRILL has continued to grow our operations to exceed the needs of our customers. Over the years, we’ve grown our production space and our equipment inventory so that when a customer needed 100 Ton lifting capacity, or fabrications over 80’ in length, we were ready for them. And when their job calls for machining on specially formulated, high-strength metals, or custom welding capabilities for exceptional strength, our team has the experience and technology to get the job done. So when your product requires the strongest materials, the sturdiest fabrication techniques, or herculean lifting and manipulation capacity, MERRILL has your six.

    Put MERRILL’s strengths to the test. Call us today to find exactly how much heavy lifting we can do for you.

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    In the heavy equipment world, it’s not enough to build the strongest parts and components, they’re also expected to survive in virtually every environment and through tens of thousands of hours of brutal repetitive high-stress operations. This is why MERRILL has invested in the technology to machine the toughest materials, employs fabrication techniques with proven durability, and specializes in coatings that work harder to protect your products over the long haul. When your product needs to stand the test of time, MERRILL has your six.

    Tell us about your durability requirements and let us put our decades of heavy equipment experience to work for you.

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    The incredible size and strength of heavy equipment products often overshadow the fact that they typically also require exceedingly precise machining and fabrication tolerances. At MERRILL, we bring aerospace-grade precision and colossal size and strength together in one highly efficient production partner. From highly technical and intricate machining for tight tolerances to strategic design modifications for light-weighting without any drop in strength, MERRILL has the capabilities you need for the accuracy and precision your products, and your consumers, demand.

    Tell us precisely what your heavy equipment product needs, and we will deliver with accuracy and dependability.

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    Your product is built for hard work in difficult environments and must be on-site, on schedule. You need partners with their supply chain dialed in and a proven track record of delivering finished products on time, every time. MERRILL has spent decades building relationships with a wide network of suppliers and vendors to ensure that we have the tools, machines and delivery capacity you need no matter when you need it.

    Tell us about your production timing and delivery needs today. MERRILL can make it happen.

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    Custom Production

    Whether you’re manufacturing highly specialized equipment or working on components to extend your products life cycle, short production runs can present unique cost challenges for the typical manufacturing partner. MERRILL, however, is anything from typical. With a highly adaptable production environment, a wide array of multi-function machinery and a cross-trained team of machining and manufacturing professionals, we are perfectly positioned to efficiently and cost-effectively tackle your custom products and short run production. So, when your program needs unmatched strength, special tooling and precise machining, but the order quantity makes your suppliers wince, MERRILL has your six.

    When your custom or short-run project defies your MOQ, MERRILL can help.

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    When deadlines appear impossible, give us a call.



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