Investing in the RONIN 400 horizontal milling machine brings versatility and new technology to MERRILL’s large machining facility.

We pride ourselves on continuous investments in the latest equipment that bring new, improved technology to meet complex manufacturing demands. With the addition of the FPT RONIN 300/400 horizontal milling and boring machine, we can satisfy the most particular machining requirements.

As a staple for the aerospace industry, the RONIN can accommodate a wide range of intricate product configurations with its numerous milling accessories and rotary tables. The RONIN’s sophisticated EXTRACAL© measuring system operates in real time, measuring the position of the working axes independently of the manipulation of the machine. Your projects will benefit from the efficiency, accuracy, and latest technology the RONIN has to offer.

Machine Specs:

  • X Travel 630”
  • Y Travel 157”
  • Z Travel 60”


  • 3 Interchangeable heads
  • Head #1: Mechanical 3+2 head 0.001o positioning resolution; 1000 ft. lbs. of torque
  • Head #2: 5axis finishing continuous contouring head; 18000 rpm
  • Head #3: Mechanical Straight head; 1000 ft. lbs. of torque
  • Mobile operator pendant
  • Equipped with EXTRACAL©. This calibration unit certifies the accuracy of the machining performed on components.

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