MERRILL Investing in a Bright STEM Future for Mid-Michigan

MERRILL recently donated $100,000 to support the expansion of the Lockwood STEM Center in Hemlock, Michigan. The expansion, to be named MERRILL Technologies STEM Labs, will feature a new Computing and Design Lab, an Electronics Lab and a 3D Print Lab for secondary students, as well as a Lego Lab targeted for elementary students. MERRILL also committed to an additional $50,000 per year, for four years, to help support the STEM Center programs.

“We’re furthering our commitment to the region’s future by investing in the community and giving students the necessary STEM tools to succeed,” says Bob Yackel, CEO, MERRILL. “The STEM Center will help train local youth to prepare for future STEM jobs, including those at our facilities.”

In addition to its investment at the Lockwood STEM Center, MERRILL is looking to expand its own manufacturing facilities in 2023 and grow its workforce to meet increasing demand.

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