MERRILL Acquisition an Investment in Future Growth

Last week, MERRILL was acquired by Arlington Capital Partners, a private investment firm based in Washington, D.C. Under the acquisition, MERRILL will partner with Pegasus Steel and Metal Trades to form Keel Holdings, a premier supplier of fabricated structures for the highest-priority programs within the Navy, Army and Air Force. MERRILL brings design and engineering expertise to this partnership, along with a culture of manufacturing excellence and a robust set of capabilities. This marks an exciting new chapter in MERRILL’s long history of supporting America’s most critical industries and helps to accelerate the company’s current growth strategy.


MERRILL has grown 20% year over year. During the last 24 months, we have invested $39 million to expand our capabilities and capacity – focusing on long-term growth while building strong customer partnerships. Arlington Capital’s investment will enable MERRILL to continue to offer the same high-quality programs, products and services to our customers, while also investing in new capabilities, equipment and talent. Ultimately, this investment will help MERRILL better serve our customers through improved innovation, new technology and expanded geographic reach.


“The MERRILL story is really one about growth. We’ve continuously evolved over the years, investing in our capabilities to meet our customers’ needs and to support our country’s most critical industries,” said Bob and Jeff Yackel. “After more than 50 years as a family-owned company, this new partnership with Pegasus and Metal Trades will bring a unique strength to the market. And it’s an exciting opportunity for MERRILL to continue to invest in our people and the region as we continue to expand our capabilities and services.”


You can read the press release here.