When You Need All Hands On Deck

True-Blue Dependability

When You Need All Hands On Deck

Tight deadlines. Exacting standards. Custom production. Whatever your shipbuilding needs, KEEL delivers quality, precision and timeliness. With more than 50 years of heavy fabrication and precision machining behind us, we’re ready to stand behind you. From engineering and design to assembly and delivery, we understand the stakes.

When deadlines appear impossible, give us a call.

“Your team's dedication and technical expertise from planning through test execution were crucial to the safe and efficient completion of all testing objectives for both submarine platforms. Thank you for your exceptional support to the Program!”
John, U.S. Navy
“The folks at EB would like to thank you for all of KEEL’s support. We received confirmation that the units arrived at Quonset Point, passed inspection and are ready to support construction. Getting a fixture on site in time to support construction was of vital importance to our program and the ship as a whole. We could not have done it if not for your team’s diligent work and willingness to expedite this order.”
Electric Boat
“I want to express our sincere appreciation of KEEL. Your tireless support in hardware procurement timelines has been invaluable. With your rapid prototyping of hardware, we were able to push the envelope of our designs while still meeting aggressive testing deadlines. Your attention to detail, configuration management of orders, and responsiveness to last minute changes have been instrumental in our success story in achieving technology milestones never thought possible. We are thankful for your partnership.”
Adam, Naval Surface Warfare Center
“AMAZING job by KEEL expediting our order and improving delivery by 11 weeks for this extremely urgent EB need! Thank you, KEEL team! We appreciate all the hard work that went into this.”
Kelsey, General Dynamics Electric Boat
“I was thoroughly impressed with KEEL's capabilities during the site visit. Every aspect of the visit was impressive - from materials management, product flow/machine scheduling, quality assurance, overall cleanliness, organization through to continuous learning and training. I am confident that we have established a strong partnership to deliver complex, high-quality products on time.”
Captain, US Navy
“Thank you for all the support over the last year. KEEL has been a great ship building partner. I especially want to thank Merrill for teaching me so much about manufacturing. Having you as a program partner has been a pleasure. I hope to work with you all again on future opportunities. Keep doing exactly what KEEL is known for - 'Where anything is possible'.”
Ryan, GDEB

    Advanced Manufacturing

    A nuclear navy demands 21st-century manufacturing capabilities. KEEL delivers cutting-edge steel fabrication solutions that power maritime technologies and mission-critical naval programs. When the pressure is on, you get precision, reliability and peace of mind.

    Put KEEL’s shipbuilding production expertise to work on your mission critical parts today.

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    Massive Dimensions

    In the outsized world of aircraft carriers and naval platforms, every weld matters. KEEL specializes in crafting large, fracture-critical steel fabrications using advanced welding and construction techniques to meet stringent naval standards.

    Tell us about your large-scale projects and we’ll provide the large-scale solutions you need.

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    Exacting Precision

    Achieving your naval objectives can depend on manufacturing differences that only lasers can measure. From highly technical and intricate parts to safety-critical navigation components, KEEL has the capabilities you need for the accuracy and precision your project demands.

    Tell us precisely what your program needs, and KEEL will deliver with accuracy and true-blue dependability.

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    Custom Production

    With a highly adaptable production environment, a wide array of multifunction machinery and a cross-trained team of machining and manufacturing professionals, MERRILL stands ready to efficiently and cost-effectively tackle your custom products and short-run production.

    Tell us about your custom project requirements and we’ll show you why our motto is "Anything Is Possible".

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    Classified Functionality

    We’ve been guarding performance specs, design and material implications of products used by the U.S. military for more than 50 years. With secure facilities and a highly trained engineering team, MERRILL provides military-grade production security for even your most sensitive projects.

    Trusted for over a half century with sensitive projects, KEEL will ensure production secrecy of your projects.

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    Mission Critical

    Shipbuilding and naval defense is serious work, and it demands a serious production partner. At KEEL, we understand the stakes for naval crews and for your reputation. It’s all hands on deck to ensure your mission-critical parts will meet or exceed safety and performance requirements on both land and sea.

    Put KEEL’s shipbuilding production expertise to work on your mission critical parts and products today.

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    The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.
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