MERRILL Presents at Lockwood STEM Center Lunch & Learn

Last year, MERRILL donated $100,000 in support of the expansion of the Lockwood STEM Center. The donation helped fund a new Computing and Design Lab, an Electronics Lab, a 3D Print Lab for secondary students, and a Lego Lab for elementary students. In continued support of STEM Education, MERRILL’s CEO, Bob Yackel, a graduate of Hemlock High, returned to the school by invitation to speak at the Lockwood STEM Center Lunch & Learn. Bob enlightened the crowd of MERRILL’S commitment to aiding students’ educational growth in STEM. When students are given the opportunity to do exciting activities utilizing their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills, it encourages the development of a passion for utilizing those skills. Contributing to the development of STEM will greatly impact the future of our community, especially for companies like MERRILL, which need skilled machinists, welders, and engineers. MERRILL is proud to support the community by investing in a brighter future for our students.


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