Let us show you why we say

Merrill has your six

Let us show you why we say

Merrill has your six

Every decision you make, from the project engineering to the production specifications and from component sources to manufacturing partners, may ultimately decide the success or failure of our peacekeepers and warfighters. From machining to fabrication and assembly to delivery, we understand the stakes. That is why primes and suppliers serving those who serve have selected MERRILL time and again for over 50 years.

When deadlines appear impossible, give us a call.

Just wanted to let you know that one of our major firing tests was successful last week. We have not had any major failures to date and all of your hardware has assembled seamlessly. Thank you for all your help getting these kits built so well and so fast!"
Matthew, US Army
Thanks again for all Merrill has done for the program. You and your team have really saved our bacon on multiple occasions."
Wade, Lockheed Martin
We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your contributions to the progress we have made on the program. We appreciate the velocity your company has demonstrated and the dedication your team has shown to achieving the program’s objectives."
Gordon and Don, General Dynamics Land Systems
Thank you for all your hard work on the program allowing us to meet our test flight."
Carlo, Lockheed Martin
Many of your team members exhibited immeasurable personal dedication throughout the entire test program from planning through test execution. Their efforts as a member of the launch testing team ensured all testing was completed in a safe and efficient manner achieving all test objectives. Your team’s leadership and technical expertise were crucial to the successful completion of risk reduction and qualification activities for both submarine platforms. "
John, U.S. Navy
Your attention to detail, configuration management of our numerous orders, and resilience and responsiveness to last minute changes have been invaluable to us as engineers, to the program and to the Navy. You are part of our success story in achieving technology milestones never thought possible. We are thankful for your partnership."
Adam, Naval Surface Warfare Center


    Every production decision matters, but never more than with mission-critical products and parts. This is serious work, and it demands serious production partners. At MERRILL, we understand the stakes for our soldiers, and for your reputation. That’s why we will do whatever it takes to ensure your mission-critical parts will meet or exceed performance requirements in the field.

    Tell us about your mission-critical projects and put MERRILL’s battle-forged experience to the test.

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    Protecting our war fighters regularly goes hand-in-hand with protecting the true performance capabilities of their vehicles, aircraft, weapons and protective equipment. For over 50 years, MERRILL has carefully guarded the performance specifications, design and material implications of products and vehicles used by our soldiers and civilians every single day. We offer secure production and assembly facilities and regularly train our teams on the safe and effective handling of the most sensitive product data and production practices.

    Secure projects begin with secure communication. Call us today to set up a meeting using your preferred communications technology. MERRILL has your six.

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    It’s better to have more than you need than to need more than you have. This is as true for manufacturing capabilities and production capacity as it is for boots on the ground and firepower in the field. This is why MERRILL has over 700,000 square feet of production floor, 100 ton crane capacity, one of the largest press brakes in North America and custom machinery that can adapt for work ranging from combat vehicle components to missile launch platforms. When your product is massive, and you need capabilities to match, call MERRILL and our capabilities become your capabilities.

    Tell us about your large-scale projects and let us show you our large-scale solutions. MERRILL has your six.

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    Achieving your objective on the battlefield can come down to manufacturing differences that can only be measured by lasers. From flight controls of guided munitions to sensitive surveillance arrays, MERRILL has the capabilities you need for the accuracy and precision your product demands.

    Tell us precisely what your program needs, and we will deliver. MERRILL has your six.

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    Demanding materials

    Specialized combat applications often call for specialized materials and handling. MERRILL has the technology and the expertise to work with a vast array of metallurgy, refining and machining requirements, so you can get what you need, all from one source.

    Tell us about your specialized materials and handling requirements today. MERRILL has your six.

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    Custom Production

    When you’re in the business of building sensitive radar arrays or adaptable next generation vehicles for land, sea or air, you rarely have the luxury of economies of scale. While we routinely work in high volume production, MERRILL was custom-built for secure short-run and custom manufacturing projects. So, when your program needs special tooling and machining, but the order quantity makes your suppliers wince, it’s time to call MERRILL.

    When your short-run project defies your minimum order quantity (MOQ), MERRILL has your six.

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    ImageRaytheon missile launch system
    ImageGeneral Dynamics Land Systems M1A1 Abrams Tank
    ImageLockeed Martin

    MERRILL is proud to serve as your Trusted Partner